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Don't wish upon a star,reach for one.

Celinie's journal :)

Hello~ :)

I'll try my best to be active here and post some entries :) I'm still new here so I don't understand some stuff. I'm still not sure if I'm gonna post the fanfics I make since I'm no good when it comes to proof-reading so I don't know if the grammar's correct or not or something like that. I will post random stuff and things that happened on a certain day :)I might also post some icons I'll be making in the future ^___^

LOVES:Morimoto Ryutaro;Hey!Say!Jump;Sweets :3
LIKES:Big Bang;FT Island;SHINee;SNSD;Graphic-making;Arashi;NEWS;Playing piano by ear;Calbee[seaweed flavour];Any cake/pastry/sweets with Caramel;Anime;etc.
DISLIKES:Music that hurts my ears;Horror stuff;My older sister >__<;really annoying people;etc.

Will add more soon ^___^ Feel free to add me in YM :] shelovesrainbows@yahoo.com

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